Top Things Higher Secondary School’s Smart Students do in a CBSE school

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Jul 30, 2021
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Smart students believe in smart work; they do certain things which common students ignore or avoid.

1. They prioritise things as needed and don’t waste their time beyond that

Higher Secondary Schools means a lot of assignments, projects and homework but it just counts 5-20% of your grade. They can be the biggest time-sucker for most so try to prioritise them only as much as it’s needed. Try to do smart work instead of hard work, which saves a lot of time for other things.

2. They use different techniques to learn and study

Students usually learn from textbooks and books which is considered to be the least effective method of studying.  Top students of CBSE School use examples, practice problems, research and find the details, use notes and refer to old exams papers for study materials. Also, they make use of different learning techniques to complete their study.

3. They do not restrict themselves to classroom lectures

Higher Secondary School’s top students learn from the classroom but make sure they research more on the concepts and understand them better. They do not restrict their knowledge to professor lecturers and notes. They make use of Google to find more information and widen their knowledge and perspective.

4. They test themselves frequently

The top student believes in the concept of testing frequently which means they learn new concepts and try to test them randomly anywhere anytime by asking some questions to themselves. In this way, they retain information for a long time.

Testing your memory from time to time gives you immediate and clear feedback on whether you know something or not.

5. They study for short hours and take breaks in between

As per School CBSE students studying for hours and taking breaks in between help them to focus effectively. Studying for long hours is considered to be unproductive.

6. They use the reverse-engineering technique to solve problems

Normal students follow and memorize steps to solve a calculus problem. In this way, students achieve surface-level knowledge and do not understand the concepts beyond the steps and formulas.

Noida School CBSE top students, take solved problems and work backwards, ask questions about how and why they got this value? Or what type of derivative rule it is?

In this process, they understand the interconnections of the concept to apply that to a problem. This “working knowledge” of a concept is key to performing well on exams, especially for problems that you haven’t seen or solved before.

7. Top Students Highlight the important points

Top students don’t just underline things and read, they highlight important points and create the notes accordingly in their own words, in this way they do engage in learning which is a good way to learn and retain information.

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8. Top students ask questions 

Top students of Higher Secondary Schools while learning new concepts of any subjects ask a lot of questions that common students refrain from, they just listen and try to remember it for later.

When asking who, why, how, when, what; you are engaging your brain to search for more information. Through this process, you will have deep learning of the concepts, helping you to remember them even after ages.

9.  They make use of their classroom lectures

Most of the time either the professor is too fast which results in missing all the important stuff or they are too slow which results in boring sessions. So top students of Higher Secondary Schools prepare themselves in advance for each lecture. They skim chapters or read out outlines so that they know what topics are to be covered by teachers and therefore they always relate themselves during lectures and do not miss any sessions.

Apart from that, they ask questions, make notes etc which helps them in learning fast, and they do not have to spend much time studying later on.

10. Top students try to improve their mistake

Top students focus on improving themselves, if they make mistakes and get lower grades, they find the actual reason and figure to improve them instead of thinking over.

School CBSE students use their mistakes as an indicator of what to improve on.

11. Top Students do not multitask but they engage themselves in other activities rather than just studying 

Top students do not just study, they engage themselves in several other activities which improve their focus and make them more active.

We are not talking about multitasking, which is strictly a NO while studying, we mean students need to study but need to pursue other extracurricular activities as it gives them no time to procrastinate, and are forced to be efficient with their study time. In short, it means quicker learning and better performance.

12. They make sure they complete their task each day 

Motivation comes and goes, but study requires persistence and consistency. Just like Olympic athletes complete their training even on their worst days. School CBSE students figure out how to get their task each day even when they do not want to do it. It is the discipline that helps you to keep going.

13. Top students use the 80/20 rule 

Yes, there is no meaning to reading and learning everything. Higher Secondary Schools students identify the 20% of concepts they need to learn deeply, in order to secure their 80% score. This is a great formula to make utilization of time and learning things that are important.

14. They don’t complain 

Top students believe if something isn’t good or isn’t as per your wish then they try to change it or ignore it, figure out ways to solve it but don’t waste their time and energy on it. When you complain, you are occupying your mental state talking about it, instead divert your energy to find alternate resources

If you too want to be like Higher Secondary School’s smart students then follow these things and try to make them as your habits by consistently performing things as mentioned and it will benefit you in the longer run.Also celebrate the National Education Day, students and teachers come together to talk about the importance of literacy and the nation’s commitment to all aspects of education.

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