A Checklist for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

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May 28, 2021
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When applying for scholarships, you do not just pick an application form and start filling your details. It is important to first understand what the scholarship entails and be careful while fulfilling each requirement specified for the program. Sending a winning application needs proper planning and preparation. Some scholarships have a simple process, while others are detailed, and parents and students must gather all the relevant information and documents before sending the final application. 

Since every scholarship has its specifications and eligibility conditions, take note of details required, so that you can have everything in place to create a complete application. Dr Abdul Kalam Scholarship offered by international school in Noida seeks to recognize students talented in technology and offer support to encourage such learners.

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If you are applying for this scholarship or yourself, here is a checklist to guide the application process: 

1. Eligibility criteria 

Is your child eligible for the scholarship? This is the first question you should answer before you even begin to download the application. Since the award is granted to students who are talented in technology, the student must fit in any of the three categories highlighted in the eligibility criteria. Students must rank among the top contestants or be in the top teams in recognized forums or competitions. The scholarship specifically requires writing a thesis, a paper, or having a published document. If you do not have any written works, a digital tool like Blockchain or Virtual Reality is required. On top of that, the student must be within the acceptable grade categories, that is, from Grades 6-12.  

2. Application form

Have the application form duly filled in all the mandatory sections. Give precise information, and do not exaggerate any fact or achievement. Wrong or misleading information could lead to rejection, thereby, denying a student the chance to win the scholarship. 

3. Verified academic transcripts

Proofs of academic performances are other critical items. One of the requirements for this scholarship is to record the student’s past two years' scores, so ensure all report cards are intact and in good condition. Also provide a report form of scores in recommended tests.  

4. Proof of recognition

This scholarship seeks to recognize and support students who exhibit exceptional talent in technology. Participating in reputable forums and competitions and winning the top positions alone is not enough. Students are required to show notices or certificates of recognition. So, as mentioned above, if the student has written a thesis, paper or published a document in the digital world, have tangible proof of the accomplishment. This is a great way for students to increase their chance of winning the award.  

5. Citizenship status

The application is for Indian students. As a student, you can verify your citizenship through acceptable documents such as your birth certificate or school leaving certificate. If you are an international student, it is advisable to use a copy of your valid passport.   

6. Recommendation letter

Recommendation or reference letter is often a significant boost to an application. It is wise to request a recommendation letter early enough to avoid any inconvenience. This letter works wonders for giving more information about the student and adds extra weight to the scholarship application's credibility. As a student, it would be best to select a current teacher and request them to write a compelling letter for the scholarship. 

Important points to remember before submitting your application:

● This scholarship program is competitive. Many students strive to win such an award. You have to show that the application is an extraordinary student who deserves recognition. It is possible to accomplish this by identifying an area related to technology to showcase skill sets and aptitude. Participation certificates and recognition through prizes and awards will add value to the scholarship eligibility. 

● Plan as early as possible. This is especially true for parents, as the scholarship is applicable from grade 6. Encourage your child to participate in numerous activities so that they are eligible for the scholarship from a young age. Help them to attend forums and take part in competitions to receive as many notices of recognition as they can. 

● To submit a complete application, prepare all the supporting documents. Go to the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship page for the list of the requisite documents. Make sure they are verified and up to date. 

● Inquire from the school's admission counsellor for any further information you need about the scholarship. It is imperative to stay in line with the program's requirements in order to increase your chances of winning it. 

● Be precise and to the point when filling the application form. Only upload the required papers and avoid providing unnecessary information. Any form of exaggeration or unnecessary documents may not be suitable for your application. 

● The scholarship committee often follows a strict review and selection process. Any small mistake may deny a student the chance of winning this coveted award. Double-check the form to ensure there are no errors and that it is flawless. Do not falsify any information or detail in the application. Honesty is vital when applying for any scholarship.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship is a prestigious program that any talented student should look out for in their search for scholarships. If you have some proficiency in technology and digital tools, it is time to give this scholarship a try. You will get the chance to showcase your talent and benefit from the monetary value that will help offset your tuition fee. Besides these benefits, you will receive recognition and an opportunity to build your skills to higher levels that can propel you to a brighter future.

GIIS Curator

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