How to build Learning Skills in Your Child

Kanchan Talwar
Dec 3, 2020
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Children tend to learn better and grasp concepts quickly if they have well-developed learning skills. You can help your children develop learning skills through various methods.

It is crucial to create a well-rounded learning routine and build learning skills in your child. When children engage with the same concept in different ways, it boosts and strengthens their understanding of the topic. Most students are not born great learners. While personality can certainly play a large part in a child’s willingness to learn and their overall disposition when it comes to education and learning, most children who are good learners had to learn how to become good learners. And students with basic aptitude can become good learners, as long as they receive the right motivation from their parents and teachers.

One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make when developing their child into a good learner is to limit their learning to the classroom or choosing a play school in Noida that does not take time to understand their child. While the classroom should be the main source of instruction, their academic, intellectual, social and developing mindset growth should

Here are our best tips and strategies for motivating your child to learn:

● Develop an atmosphere of reading. Many people argue that reading is the true key to success in life. It is crucial for your child to develop a love of reading and learning to be successful in their learning, growth, and development. Reading can help your child develop a rich vocabulary and help their brain learn how to process concepts and formal communication. The skills that they gain from reading will extend beyond just better performance in language. Children who read well can learn better in all subjects, including subjects like mathematics and science. We recommend helping your child develop their love for reading by filling their world with books and reading. It means you should read to your child as often as possible, have your child read out loud and create a family reading time where everyone focuses on reading for 30 minutes to an hour per day. Through your own example, you can create an atmosphere of reading that will show your child how important reading is. To make reading fun rather than frustrating for your child, allow them to choose their own books and create activities to help make reading fun and engaging.

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● Put your child in control of their learning experience. Many students feel controlled or out of control when it comes to their education and withdraw from learning. While it is certainly important to guide children through the learning process, it is also important to enable children to have control of their learning experience. We recommend giving your child as many chances as possible to have direct input into their learning choices. We recommend choosing a school that encourages children to choose their topics to learn and write about. We also recommend enabling children to choose their extracurricular activities. The more control and input that you can give your child, the more engaged and motivated they will become to learn.

● Encourage open and sincere communication. We also recommend encouraging your child to express their opinion about their education and learning process. Create an open and honest atmosphere where they feel comfortable expressing their likes, dislikes, and concerns. Make sure to validate your child’s feelings when they share their opinion, whether or not you agree. If your child feels like their opinion about their learning process does not matter, they will be more likely to disengage from their education. The best learners know that their opinion matters. They feel reassured that they can be open and honest about their educational experience without being discouraged, ignored, judged, or put down.

● Focus on your child’s interests. We also recommend focusing on your child’s interests. When learning engages your child in their areas and topics of interest, the learning process becomes fun and engaging for them. If you truly want to help your child in becoming a great learner, we recommend encouraging your child to explore topics and subjects that fascinate them. For example, if your child loves dinosaurs, you should help them find interesting and engaging stories and books about dinosaurs, then ask them to identify their favourite dinosaurs and why they chose each one.

● Introduce and encourage different types of learning. Every child has their own learning styles and preferences. Some children prefer to learn using a mix of different learning styles, while others have one dominant learning style. There is no right or wrong learning style, but we recommend helping your child discover their preferred learning style and using techniques to improve their quality and rate of learning. There are seven main learning styles, including visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary. Children who are visual learners learn best by seeing or reading the information, while children who are auditory learners learn best by listening to information or concepts being explained. It is beneficial for young children to explore and try out different types of learning styles.

● Share your enthusiasm for learning. Enthusiasm for learning can rub off on your children, especially when it comes to learning new things. If your child sees that you are truly enthusiastic about learning, then they are much more likely to become enthusiastic about learning themselves. Whether they are learning science, reading, writing, mathematics, or history, we recommend helping them see that learning is all about exciting new discoveries. Take opportunities to discover new information with your child. If your child sees the joy and excitement that learning brings to your life, then they will start sharing your enthusiasm for learning new things too.

● Make learning fun through game-based learning. Game-based learning is not a new concept. It can be beneficial for different reasons. Using games as an education technique offers opportunities for deeper learning and the development of non-cognitive skills and motivates children to learn. When children are actively engaged with games, their minds experience the pleasure of learning a new system. Entertaining games help motivate children to want to engage with the learning process. Game-based learning is also great motivation for team-based learning, which can help children in a classroom setting. Students usually try harder at games than they do in classes, since playing games is more engaging and has a competitive aspect. Students try to compete or win on behalf of both the team and themselves. They might try to perform at a higher level to earn more points for their team and because they want the chance to play. Game-based learning is an excellent way for parents to introduce new ideas, concepts, knowledge, and grammar in a motivating way.

● Focus on what your child is learning, not their performance. Rather than asking your child how they performed on their mathematics test, ask them to teach you what they learned in mathematics instead. Focus on what your child is learning, rather than how they are performing. Focusing on your child’s learning experience and process will communicate to them that learning is more important than test grades and that you are more concerned about them than you are about their performance.

Whether your child attends a school in Noida extension or anywhere else in the world, we recommend enhancing your child’s desire and ability to learn outside the walls of the classroom.

Kanchan Talwar

I am  Kanchan Talwar  one of the founder teachers of the  GIIS Noida Campus ,  Being  an experienced Pre Primary teacher in the school from past 10 years .  I always   strive to achieve balance in education by keeping today’s futuristic modes of learning in mind. I firmly believe that every day one is evolving, connecting to one another using innovative methods of education and technology.

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