Questions to Ask if you are Looking at Nursery Schools in Noida

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Jul 30, 2021
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Nursery schooling has taken a 360 degree turn in the past decade. What earlier used to start at an age of 5yrs, has now changed to as early as 2yrs to 3yrs. Parents are not only looking at the curriculum but also the different parameters to find not just the best and most popular school, but the right school for their children. With changing, unprecedented times, prospective nursery school parents have a lot to look at when it comes to a school in Noida.

Let’s look at some of the focus points when you are on a school hunt for your toddler-

1. Location of the nursery school in Noida

Noida is a growing city, with immense traffic and road blocks. It is imperative to understand that you find the best school ideally at 15 minutes to 20 minutes commute time to your child’s nursery school.  

2. Method of Nursery School Teaching in Noida

With the advent of technology and deeper understanding of the mind, nursery schools in Noida are leaving no stone unturned. There are various models including Montessori, Waldorf to Reggio Emilia. It is important that you see which school is providing what kind of methodology. And, observe your child, their needs and wants and understand which learning style will suit them the best. 

As a parent, understand the best approach for your child. You can take your time, consult schools and their admission heads to understand the models and make an informed decision.

3. Nursery Schools and Affordance

Good schools in Noida for nursery students can be from anywhere between Rs 5000 a month to Rs 30,000 a month. It is important that you assess how much you can allocate for your child’s preschool education and create plans for the same. You can look into scholarships, student aid, disability aid, education loans, savings or if necessary, at additional income sources.  

4. Special Outreach Programmes for Nursery Students

Many schools provide various opportunities for school students in Noida, like student exchange programmes where children get to experience the education, learning, and culture of other countries. Some schools also provide special therapies like SLT, Adapted PE, OT for the optimum development of your child. Outreach programmes can also be in the form of social outreach, where nursery school students are sensitised towards communities and causes. 

These can be in terms of environment, equality, anti bullying and being sensitised towards different genders and communities. Special programmes are also taken into consideration for students who might have disabilities to make them feel empowered and equal and to replenish their growth.

5. Teachers and Faculty Background in Noida’s Nursery School  

It is a must to do background checks of the teachers, know their qualifications, their approach towards teaching as well as their style of interaction with students. Nursery school students depend highly on teachers who are their first point of contact, and act as a confidante for their ideas and  adventures. 

It is believed that nursery  school teachers are usually the most empathetic, understanding and are well aware of the working of the preschool students. It is also a good idea to ask the school about any special training that these teachers are asked to take and how frequently it is done since it is beneficial for both students as well as teachers.

6. Noida Campuses for Nursery Schools

You must take a thorough look of the campus and the infrastructure of the potential nursery school for your child. The school should be a place of wonder to young children. This is an attempt to create learning points at every corner which helps nursery school students be curious at every point. You should also look at creches or boarding facilities if you are a working parent or might require such facilities.

7. Admission Process for Nursery School Admissions in Noida

A lot of nursery schools provide admission process details on their websites. Nowadays you can fill the application online itself. There are often background checks of parents and they may also ask about your child’s interests, and often take your interview as a parent as well. 

Nursery school students are often given activities supervised by a teacher or a counselor and learning about these activities may give you insight into if the school will be a good match for your child. Also, School can ask interview questions for nursery admission as well. You can also take a virtual tour of the school, book appointments with the admission cell for more information that you might require.

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8. Technology, Inclusion and Parental Control in Nursery Schools

Nursery schools in Noida, with the looming pandemic and an overhaul of the entire education process, are trying to use the best of technology in the educational field. Schools have their own portals and applications where your child’s day to day activities can be tracked, their progress can be understood and homework, assignments can be marked. You can also chat with the teachers and interact with fellow parents about various topics pertaining to your child’s education.

Schools also hold seminars and brief you about parenting skills that may come in handy especially if your child is transitioning from a creche to nursery schooling. Tracking or GPS, are also technological facilities that schools are providing in today’s day and age. 

9. Security of your child in Noida’s Nursery School

Safety and security of your toddler is paramount. It is best to create a checklist to make sure your child is in a safe environment-

● Does the school have a counseling or grievance cell with a child or adolescent psychologist to make sure any concerns of your child are delicately addressed.

● If the school is providing travelling facilities, then it must provide tracking, GPS facilities. There must be adults in the bus to make sure of the safety of your child. A woman is a must in the vehicle. Regular check points are to be ensured. If you live in a society, then your child must be received by you or a known person or a responsible adult from the school.

● CCTV cameras are a priority in every wing of your child’s nursery school in Noida.

● There must be a first aid, or emergency tool kit and clinic within the school with a nurse to ensure the safety of your child if an accident occurs.

● You must check the background of the faculty and look for any red flags, including crimes, assaults, court cases.

● The washrooms should be guarded and secured by reliable persons to make sure that your child is safe and secure.

● There must be regular workshops to ensure your child knows about good touch and bad touch, they must remember their name, emergency contact number, parents name, etc....

● Every child must be sent home with a trusted, verified person that you sign for and a tracking device and live location of your child should be  with you at all times.

● Check for any broken toys or infrastructure that can cause your child any harm or hurt. The building and campus must be checked for any broken pipelines, loose wires or cables, sharp edged objects.

● Check the news and ask peers for any mishaps that could have taken place and how the school handled it.

● Check if the school provides meals and what kind of nutrition is provided.

● It is important to see if the school provides insurance for health as well as travel for your child.

If you are a parent looking for the right school in Noida for your child, it can be a stressful job. However, being informed about your limitations and strengths, your child and their learning points and then matching it with the right school is a good place to start your journey. 

It can be a daunting process, but finding the right nursery school for your child will bring you the best joys when you see your child flourish and bloom.

GIIS Curator

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