What do the best International CBSE high schools in Noida offer?

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Jul 30, 2021
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Noida is one of the most well-planned cities of India. With its growing IT sector and tech companies, it is bringing a lot of job opportunities for people in this field.  The quality of education is also up-to-mark especially since they are responsible for the leaders of tomorrow. 

Studying here helps people reach their goals with the high quality of education in international high schools in Noida. The modern infrastructure and amenities have attracted people from all over the country and hence has become a place with different cultures.  

Children living in Noida can trace their academic journey from kindergarten to grade 12 and then university due to the number of opportunities the city offers. The guidance provided by CBSE Noida schools assists them in finding and getting admissions into the top universities of the world. 

A well-planned CBSE International Curriculum

While every grade in the academic journey matters, international high school is given significant attention. High school establishes the fundamentals of essential concepts and topics that students have interest in and guides them to choose their future path. It also helps people to develop their personality and grow up to be adults with good character. This form of nurturing and progress is possible with a well-planned and executed curriculum like CBSE. CBSE Noida schools are known for delivering exceptional results not only academically but also in other aspects.

What do the CBSE schools in Noida offer?

CBSE stands for the Central Board of Secondary Education and is an internationally-acclaimed curriculum. The curriculum is designed in a student-friendly structure to ensure the holistic growth of the child. It is a carefully curated mix of academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and hence is one of the more trusted choices.

There are many different fields that students can go into. As the scope for careers increase every passing day, the high school also optimizes their teaching methods accordingly. CBSE schools are mindful of the changing times and keep up with the trends by including technology and machine-based learning into the student’s daily life.

A brief breakdown of the CBSE Noida curriculum

The subjects offered as part of the curriculum in CBSE Noida schools are as follows. To improve and polish their linguistic skills English is taught along with Hindi, French or Sanskrit as choices for second languages. These might change according to different international high schools in Noida however the ultimate goal is to ensure that the child is able to speak, write and express themselves perfectly in these languages. 

Mathematics and Science cover important and tough concepts through simple theory and practical experiments. International Schools have labs specially built to make learning science more fun and experimental for students. Along with these subjects, Social Studies and ICT are also taught in detail. 

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An engaging international environment

This unites students with their cultures and helps them to form better relations with the people around them. CBSE Noida schools have special value-added programs and the Technology programs are notable mentions as they provide children with a platform to try out new things and discover new passions and careers as they learn.

These are some of the main subject offerings by international high schools. However, the CBSE Noida curriculum needs much more to be completed. The introduction to arts and sports is done at a young age. In a secondary school, students get opportunities to practice, hone their skills, challenge themselves and participate in events. 

More than anything, it provides them with a different environment and teaches them skills to survive and communicate every day. Singing, dancing, fine and literary arts and sports are all ways for students to unwind and have fun. Hence, this is an important part and brings balance to the journey of education.

Benefits of choosing CBSE schools in Noida

As mentioned above, the subjects that are taught as part of the curriculum are explained with a practical approach. This allows students to apply what they have learned into projects. 

Project-based learning encourages them to explore different disciplines and create projects and would lead them to their future goals. This goes to prove that CBSE is more student-friendly and is optimized to provide the best school experience.

1. International high schools in Noida have value-added programs that are based on practical learning and hands-on training in Mathematics and Science for students. This helps students to collaborate, ideate and create projects and hence polish their presentation and team-building skills in the process.

2. Virtual learning and smart learning are very crucial in the present day and age. Students are not only the consumers of content and information but are also the creators of this information. Hence, the infrastructure of the school has to be able to support these ambitions of students. Labs and infrastructure to support smart-learning to guarantee a fulfilling learning experience for the student.

3. Teachers play a very important role in this learning journey. CBSE Noida schools have trained professional teachers who teach students well and are also able to guide them and give attention to them individually. They are aware of how to handle different tough physical, emotional and mental situations. International high schools also have a good student to teacher ratio which allows the teacher to impart knowledge effectively.

4. Schools place a lot of importance on communication. Communication between parents and teachers improves the learning experience for the child. Timely feedback and assessment results determine the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Hence, the student can be guided to trace their path accordingly keeping their interests, strengths and weaknesses in mind. 

Having a framework makes assessment simpler and based on the overall development of the student. This makes education more transparent and easier to comprehend for parents and children. Improvement in a student’s critical thinking and reasoning skills is like a small victory for the school. This shows that the information taught was understood and applicable.

5. Lastly, CBSE Noida schools prepare students for many competitive exams and entrance exams into prestigious universities. Most of these exams are really tough to crack but with the right guidance and advanced preparation, students are able to pass this challenge too. 

There are many renowned universities for different fields located in different parts of the world and being well-prepared and being a part of the best CBSE schools in Noida is a good leverage. In some cases, when the next step is also getting employed along with studying, the curriculum and value-added programs help students know some of the basics before kick-starting their careers.

Hence these are some points that one can keep in mind while choosing international high schools in Noida.


To Summarize

● Keeping in mind the balance that is needed in a student's life clearly shows "Why CBSE is best" curriculum for a child.

● Learn about the subject mix that the school offers and the additional or optional subjects that the school offers.

● Learn about the value-added programs and skill-based activities that the school conducts.

● Ensure that there is sufficient teacher-parent engagement and understand the assessment method of the school.

● Read about the infrastructure of the school and its amenities and visit the school if needed.

● Find out if the school has a good balance between learning and playing. This is essential for the child’s well-being.

Hope this Blog post has given you a clear idea about the benefits of international CBSE education for your child. If you are looking for admissions, you might want to tick all the above boxes before you make a decision.

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