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Jul 30, 2021
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CBSE has announced a new scheme with 2 board exams in 2021-22

The experts and school principals of International High School consider this new scheme as a great move for the current pandemic situation.

CBSE announced Classes 10 and 12 students of the academic year 2021-22 will appear for 2 term-end exams with the rationalised syllabus for each term(50% of the entire syllabus). The 1st term exam will be held in an MCQ pattern (90 minutes) in November-December 2021 and the 2nd term exam would be held in a long descriptive pattern (2 hours) in March-April 2022.

This decision was taken as there were many issues in holding board exams currently and this new scheme will help to tackle those issues which were raised due to the Covid-19 situation in the country.

Principals and experts of International High School predict that this format of holding board exams twice a year will become the norm in future. They believe reducing the syllabus and board exams twice a year will ease the pressure.

They appreciate CBSE’s willingness of showing flexibility with the exam duration (90 minutes or 2 hours) and exam formats (multiple choice or long answers).

CBSE has also helped teachers by creating multiple ways of assessing students to provide final scores. 

CBSE will send question papers to all the affiliated CBSE Schools near me along with the marking scheme and the exams will be conducted by their selected External Center Superintendents and Observers.

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However, CBSE has given 4 options depending on the Covid situation:

1. If both the exams are held at the centres, theory marks will be distributed evenly between both exams.

2. If schools are closed at the time of Term I exams and students have to write the exams from their homes but Term II exams are held at the centre then the weightage will be given more to Term II exams for declaration of the final result.

3. If it is the other way around where Term I exams are held in the centre and Term II are done online/ offline from home then results would be based on the performance of students.

4. If both the exams can not be held at schools or centres, then results will be calculated based on the internal assessments (practicals and theory marks of both terms).

CBSE has directed all CBSE Schools nearby to create a student profile of their assessments over the year and has suggested maintaining it in digital format.

The student’s marks will be captured on OMR sheets which will be uploaded to CBSE IT platform after scanning.

This new way of assessment will address all concerns of the students and will boost their confidence.  This will also help students in the long run.

Experts believe CBSE’s new assessment system will reform the education system which is in the direction of reducing the academic burden and nurturing innovation in young minds. 

The increasing competition and the pandemic situation has pressured and stressed students where they are starving hard to outperform. However, International High School believes that we should focus on developing the personalities of students and helping them to become good human beings and lifelong learners.

CBSE is making sure that student’s efforts shall not go in vain. CBSE’s new assessment scheme is a good way where the internal and cumulative assessments will help in evaluating the students ensuring there is an unbiased distribution of marks and is a great way to ensure students study throughout the year. 

Experts believe CBSE new assessments are as per the international assessment process. CBSE alternative ways to look at the learning objectives as well as conducting Board Examinations has been appreciated by all CBSE Schools nearby as it is the easiest to tackle the unfeasible situation.

All CBSE International High Schools will continue online mode till the authorities permit teaching in schools. Apart from Term I and II exams, CBSE Class XI-XII would have 3 periodic tests, portfolio, practical work, and other enrichment activities. Students do not have to worry as the guidelines for Internal Assessment for all subjects will be released along with the rationalized term-wise syllabus for the session 2021-22. 

CBSE Board will also provide additional resources to students like sample assessments, question banks and will conduct training for teachers so that there is no confusion while doing internal assessments. For students who are dissatisfied with CBSE's assessment criteria, their physical exams can be conducted in August.

CBSE has also directed its regional officials across the country to visit the affiliated schools or have surprise visits to inspect their work. The CBSE officials will sign on documents inspected and the report will be sent to the controller of examination.

The CBSE has asked all the affiliated schools to upload 7 key details about their students for its automation software. (internal grades along with practical/projects/internal assessment marks of each of the students)

With the disruption of student’s education and exams for the previous and current academic year. CBSE took the crucial steps to ensure that their studies are not affected and there is a smoother and transparent process of assessment.

If you are searching for“CBSE Schools near you” then do check all the latest developments or approach your nearest CBSE International High School to get answers for all your queries regarding new schemes and what you should expect from the new format of CBSE.

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