7 Most Necessary Admission Interview Questions for a Nursery Child

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Oct 25, 2021
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Be better prepared for Nursery admissions in Noida by helping your child answer these top interview questions usually asked at International schools.

Why Do Nursery Schools Conduct Interviews for Admissions?

These nursery interviews are designed to provide the school staff a good idea of your child's developmental milestones. Are they able to respond to questions? Are they able to recognize shapes, numbers, and colors? Is it possible for them to follow simple directions and solve easy problems? 

The staff assesses your child based on these criteria and determines whether or not he or she requires special education. School interviews can also be used to assess a student's preparation for kindergarten enrollment and to learn more about him or her outside of the classroom. 

It also allows parents to inquire about a school and ask any questions they may have. International schools take these interviews to understand and get insight into a potential student's personality, interests, values which help them foster the student better.

How To Pass a Nursery Admission Interview Successfully?

Even the word "admissions" might conjure up images of "nightmare." Admissions to International schools for nursery and preschool programs  may be a stressful affair for both parents and children. 

Staying calm is the key to passing your child's first interview for nursery admission in Noida. It may be beneficial to have a thorough understanding of what your child may go through; once you are aware of the situation, you can assist your child appropriately. 

You could speak with the director or a faculty member to learn what the school expects your child to know. Once you have the material, you may begin working with it, using books and instructional games as resources.

 Your child can learn, grow, and acquire numerous abilities in a safe environment at school. Asking typical questions like these to your child on a frequent basis, in a lighthearted manner, will help them stay attentive and relaxed in front of the interviewer. 

The idea is to practice typical interview questions with youngsters and to give them basic responses to memories for very young learners. Your youngster will gradually go from a very basic English conversation to giving his own fluent and willing replies to inquiries. These sets of questions can be practiced while they are bathing or playing!

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What Types of Questions Are Asked During Nursery Interview?

Admission to a nursery school or preschool can be a stressful affair for both you and your child. There are steps you may take to prepare yourself and your child for a seamless transition. 

You may ease your own anxieties and make the experience less frightening for your child by anticipating the types of questions your child will be asked and discussing with them.

1. What’s Your Name?

 This is the first question that every child is asked during the nursery admissions interview. The interviewer gets an idea whether your child can identify himself/ herself when called by their name. This easy inquiry will also assist the interviewer in determining how responsive your child is.

2. How Old Are You?

This indicates that your youngster is aware of her age. Some interviewers may also inquire about your child's birth date.

3. Are There Any Nursery Rhymes You Know? Is It Possible for You To Sing One for Me?

Every nursery entry will require your child to recite a few nursery rhymes or sing their favorite rhyme. This activity will bring your child's memory and verbal clarity to the spotlight. 

It might be a significant plus point in the nursery school interview if your youngster can articulate nursery rhymes with a few hand gestures and facial expressions.

4. Do You Have Any Brothers or Sisters?

Your youngster may be asked a few more questions about the family, such as the names of grandparents and parents. This demonstrates that your youngster is aware of his/her family.

5. What Color or Shape is This?

Your child's response will determine whether or not he or she can recognize and distinguish between shapes and colors.

6. What Is This?

This question could be asked about a variety of other objects by the interviewer. This is to see if your youngster can recognize and name various objects in and around them and can distinguish between them.

7. Can You Bring That Toy?

Your youngster may also be requested to bring or pass on a few items to you or the interviewer. This is to test if your youngster can comprehend and follow instructions that are directly given to them.


Every parent wants the best for their child, and nursery school admissions are no exception, with parents attempting to keep track of form deadlines, remember all of the numerous documents that must be submitted with the form, and apply to multiple schools so that their child has a fair chance of being admitted to the best school.

It is essential to prepare a youngster for preschool or nursery interview. One sensation is that our child's performance in the interaction will determine his or her future, and it is reasonable for parents to be concerned about the process. 

If you can adequately prepare your child for this encounter while still making it entertaining and engaging, the circumstance will be far less frightening for them. Remember that the interview is a learning opportunity for your child. 

Few children will have been through one before, so it is worthwhile to discuss what an interview entails ahead of time. Instead of using the word "interview," refer to the meeting as a "visit" to evaluate if the school is the right fit for your child.

Students with a passion for study, a willingness to contribute to the school community, and generally having nice manners are sought for by international schools. Your youngster will be able to express their talents and interests more clearly and easily with practice. 

It's critical to speak from the heart while keeping several vital factors in mind. To encourage this authenticity, make sure your child is involved in every step of the school search process and that their opinions are taken into account.

GIIS Curator

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