Parenting Tactics to Keep your Child Motivated During Montessori Nursery School Years

Kanchan Talwar
May 28, 2021
Parenting Tips
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Early education is crucial in shaping a child’s future. They learn to interact with other children and adults, develop various skills intellectually and physically, and the experience helps in boosting their confidence. 

Preschool is also vital in nurturing your child for the transition into Montessori Nursery school, which requires more focus and commitment. At this level, young children do not have   classwork; the nursery school curriculum centres around growth and development through play and fun activities. 

However, because your child stays at home all day and is around you a lot, they may find it hard to adapt to this new experience. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to keep encouraging them not to lose interest in the learning process.

Why is it important to motivate your child?

1. Motivation enhances creativity because the child will develop an eagerness to learn new things every day. GIIS, as a leading Montessori Nursery school in Noida provides a wide range of resources that can nurture this creativity. - A child can draw, perform science experiments, or nurture new talent.

2. When you encourage your child, they gain the confidence to do more. A confident child will enjoy the preschool experience.

3. Motivation lets them know that they can always count on you in case anything goes wrong. It enhances their trust in you.

4. When you encourage the child to enjoy the experience by taking part in some school activities or being around them for orientation, they will feel like the school is a safe space. By watching you interact with the teachers, they will let their guard down in class and interact with everyone.

5. Motivation influences hard work and results. Usually, when a child knows there is a reward at the end of a task, they tend to put in more effort so they can succeed.

6. When you encourage them, they develop self-motivation. They begin to believe in themselves and explore a wide range of activities at the school.

7. Motivation will strengthen your relationship. The child goes to school and cannot wait to come home at the end of the day so they can tell you about everything that they did at the preschool. The daily updates from the child provide a good bonding opportunity.

8. A child who receives encouragement develops a sense of individuality. They learn to trust their choices and pursue the activities that they love.

Although motivation has endless benefits, it can be challenging for a parent to maintain this trend. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to incorporate these simple tips to ensure you keep encouraging your child.

How to motivate your child?

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1. Regular communication

A preschooler may be young, but they can observe and listen. Therefore, after your child gets admission in a nursery school in Noida, it is essential that you keep the lines of communication open between you. Calmly ask your child questions about their experience, the teachers, classmates, and the activities at school. 

However, let your child know they can count on you for anything so that they can feel comfortable talking to you. The conversation will allow you to encourage them and make you understand whether or not they love the new school. Also, when your child knows that you are interested in what they do at school, they gain motivation to continue various activities.

2. Congratulate your child

Children are competitive by nature. They always want to stand out by being the best in  every activity. Therefore, when your child shows progress at school or excels at home, you should congratulate them and let them know how happy you are for their success. 

It does not have to be a significant accomplishment; even if they successfully put together a toy, it is beneficial for you to congratulate them. Your child will develop the confidence to keep trying new activities at the preschool. You can also choose to reward these accomplishments as a way of motivating them.

3. Let the child lead the process

Preschool is a new experience for your child. They may have a hard time adjusting and throw tantrums in the beginning of the process. Therefore, it may benefit you to follow their lead. You can let them be a part of selecting a suitable preschool, ask them what they want to do at the school, and find a nursery school that allows the child to choose the activities they wish to pursue. When they  do not feel like you are controlling everything, it is easier for them to enjoy the learning process.

4. Create an environment that encourages learning

The learning process does not end when they come home from preschool. When your child is at home, you can create a space that encourages them to keep nurturing their creativity and curiosity. Purchase toys, books, and learning sets that will motivate your child to continue being innovative. 

You can also play with them and sing educational songs that develop his intellectual ability. When the child is in an environment that promotes learning in different ways, they develop a love for learning new things. The self-motivation makes them eager to learn. You can also teach your children how to organise the work station and maintain its cleanliness. A clean environment will motivate learning.

5. Focus on the progress, not results

Every parent wants the best for their child. You love to see your child succeeding, and you may emphasise the importance of good performance. However, kids are not the same. Some children are fast-learners, and others may take longer to get in the groove of things. 

Therefore, it is beneficial for a parent to acknowledge every progress made by their child. When you let your children know that it is okay to take time to understand things, they go through the learning process without pressure and improve gradually. Let the children know that acquiring skills and developing their individuality is more important than focusing on being the best at every activity in school.

After you have done all that you can to encourage your child, you can relax knowing that best international Noida school has mechanisms in place to ignite your child's interest.

Kanchan Talwar

I am  Kanchan Talwar  one of the founder teachers of the  GIIS Noida Campus ,  Being  an experienced Pre Primary teacher in the school from past 10 years .  I always   strive to achieve balance in education by keeping today’s futuristic modes of learning in mind. I firmly believe that every day one is evolving, connecting to one another using innovative methods of education and technology.

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