Nursery Admission 2023: Facts to know about Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme

Mitushree Matpal
May 28, 2021
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The Montessori learning method is the brainwork of Italian physician Maria Montessori. The learning method integrates various elements that promote the holistic development of the child in a strategically-prepared environment. 

In this child-led pedagogy, the caregivers and educators encourage the children to engage in activities that stimulate their growth, intelligence, and all-round development. The children explore these activities at their own pace. The Montessori approach lays a firm foundation for the child when they successfully answers all of the nursery admission questions, by encouraging individuality, teamwork, and character development at a young age.

The Global Montessori Plus Curriculum

GIIS Noida has one of the best Montessori learning programmes for preschool children in the region. We use the Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP), which is a customisation of the original method by Maria Montessori. 

The GIIS customised curriculum has become popular worldwide. It combines the original Montessori ideas with modern practices to fit into current education trends. The "Plus" in the curriculum's name highlights the modern educational tenets of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF). 

The curriculum absorbs children from the age of 2.5 years to 6 years. The preschoolers transition through nursery school (2.5 -3.5 years), Junior KG/K1 (3.5-4.5 years), and Senior KG/K2 (4.5-5.5 years). The GMP programme comprises five pillars that aim to promote growth and development for each child to prepare for the transition into primary school.

The GMP Pillars

1. The "Excelerate" programme

The programme focuses on producing fast and curious learners. The children receive new challenges and activities every day. These activities emphasise language development through singing, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 

The educators also nurture their numeracy skills through mathematical activities and games. The programme promotes the importance of academic excellence from a young age. Under this programme, the children learn how to follow a routine and stay organised. The classes have a large open space to facilitate the learning process and give the students the freedom to move around.

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2. Multi-faceted learning

GIIS Noida aims to maintain the individuality of each student as they develop through the curriculum. This pillar focuses on encouraging personality development and other foundational skills that are part of GIIS’ 9GEMS methodology from a young age. The children have the freedom to explore various activities within the GMP curriculum to find out what their interests are. The teachers prepare the classrooms beforehand to accommodate an array of activities.  

The 9GEMS Holistic Framework champions all-round development beyond academic excellence to produce reliable and distinguished global citizens. Multi-faceted learning integrates the holistic learning approach, which is the signature GIIS approach.

3. iPlay programme

Games and fun activities are a necessity in all preschools. They make the learning experience enjoyable for the children and enhance social interaction. GIIS creates a conducive environment that gives the pre-schoolers the freedom to choose which games they want to play and with whom. 

However, the teachers supervise these activities to ensure safety and maintain discipline. The various games encourage physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. The children can interact with each other, stay healthy, and develop a sense of independence. Your preschooler will also develop creative and innovative skills through these activities.  GIIS Noida offers various talent-based scholarships to deserving students with unique talents as they progress through higher classes.

4. iCare programme

At GIIS, the students learn about compassion and empathy from a young age. GIIS Noida hosts regular charity drives and environmentally friendly activities like tree planting and gardening to emphasise the importance of caring for the community and the environment. Interacting with the community and offering donations at the charity drives your child the importance of kindness, compassion, and the art of selfless giving.  

This programme instils fundamental values that will mould the child into a selfless and respectable adult. The scholarships offered to deserving students who cannot afford to pay the full tuition fee, students who excel in their academic performance, and those with outstanding talents and skills is testimony to GIIS’ commitment to the community they are serving. These scholarships are also essential in instilling selfless moral values. The students learn to help and pay forward the kindness they receive.

5. Future Ready programme

This programme gives the GIIS students a head start by preparing them for opportunities and teaching them how to adapt to the modern world’s changing times. Through nursery admission to International School Noida, they start learning about technology, arts, entrepreneurship, and leadership from an early age.

The educators encourage the students to explore different interests and talents, provide correct career guidance and nurture their talents. The institution's NextGen learning facilities nourish the students' mental growth to enhance critical thinking and creativity.

GMP subjects at GIIS Noida

● English

● Hindi


● Mathematics

● Dance and music

● Environmental awareness (EVA)

● Free play and structured play

● Montessori

The Benefits of the GMP curriculum

1. Structure

The teachers develop a routine for the students every year before the curriculum commences. The structure promotes time management and encourages the student to learn discipline at a young age. The students automatically know where they need to be and what they should be doing through the timetable. By doing so, the students learn the importance of structure and order from a young age.

2. All-round development

The GMP curriculum encompasses all the aspects of the 9GEMS Holistic Framework, which aims to produce an all-round student who can portray the skills associated with the 9GEMS framework. Therefore, through the GMP curriculum at GIIS Noida, you can be sure that your child is receiving holistic education to evolve into a future leader.

3. Firm foundation

Your child will start to learn and nurture their talents from an early age through the curriculum.  The values and lessons they learn from the GIIS teachers will lay a firm foundation for their future. GIIS strives to produce students who have received exposure to diverse areas and can adapt anywhere in the world. As your child joins the GMP curriculum, the learning process at GIIS Noida prepares them for placement in prominent universities and undergraduate programmes during later stages of their school life.

4. Nurtures talent

In this curriculum, the students can choose the activities and games they wish to participate in. The teacher does not decide for the students. That allows the students to explore various talents before settling on what they enjoy. The freedom of choice allows the students to nurture their talent and pursue what they love from an early age. 

Times School Survey 2020 recognised GIIS Noida as the top innovator in the region. The school has maintained outstanding infrastructure and resources that promote growth and development for every student. The Global Montessori Plus curriculum is one of the innovations that continue to make GIIS a perfect choice for providing a strong foundation for your child’s early education.

Mitushree Matpal

I am  a dedicated and  a hardworking teacher  who is always ready to learn. I am patient with my children who is always ready to listen to them. I have 11 years of experience in teaching area.

As  an educator  my vision is to build  love of learning by  creating lessons that are exciting ,engaging and allow my children to do hands on learning as it fosters deep learning and children learn more when they actually do the activity.

I have been awarded with IIHM Award for best teacher , Exceptional teacher award, Long service award , Employee of the month award.

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