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Admissions 2024 - 2025

Leading International Montessori School in Noida

GIIS is the renowned international school in Noida offering a GMP programme for preschoolers, integrated with modern technologies and the core principles of Maria Montessori education, creating rich learning experiences for students. The Plus in the Montessori curriculum adds extraordinary value to teaching and learning methodologies making GIIS the leading Montessori school in Noida. The programme of five strong pillars provides high-quality education that develops the language, literacy, numeracy, emotional, universal values and creative skills of children. Students are given exceptional opportunities to develop their learning skills through Multiple Intelligences and Futuristic pedagogy.

Age Criteria for Admission

GIIS Noida, one of the best international Montessori schools in Noida caters to Montessori preschool, and kindergarten school levels. Students in the age group of 2.5 Yrs can join Pre-School, age group of 3.5 Yrs above in KG1 /Junior KG and age group above 5 Yrs in KG2/ Senior KG at GIIS.

2.5 years and above
Junior KG/K1
3.5 years & above
Senior KG/K2
4.5 years & above

The 5 Pillars of GMP

Young minds have the capability to grasp things quickly and GIIS, one of the renowned Montessori schools in Noida makes it easy for students to build their skills and groom their personality with the GMP Plus program. The outstanding pedagogy along with expert facilitators strengthened with the 5 pillars, immaculately brightens the cognitive, motor, expressive, and life skills of the students.


‘Excelerate’ Programme

The Excelerate program is well-designed to enhance language fluency with outstanding activities like reading, writing, speaking, listening, and numeracy skills through math-based activities. Our qualified teachers create a fun and happy environment that fosters confidence and love for learning among children making GIIS the top GMP school in Noida.

 ‘Excelerate’ Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

Multi-faceted Learning

Every child possesses an excellent and unique talent that needs to be identified and moulded. Through the Thematic Learning process, our teachers create high-standard activities that are tuned in accordance with the student’s personal interests. This phenomenal and unique program includes field trips and special events that cultivate students’ inherent personality traits, physical skills, and cognitive development.

 Multi-faceted Learning - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

iPlay Programme

It is very important to nurture the physical, social-emotional, and cognitive skills of students and GIIS does this excellently through the innovative iPlay program. Here the students are given superlative opportunities to interact and learn to play with peers making their own choices of play. This program plays an integral part in students’ learning and promotes their extraordinary skills like independence, cooperation, and management.

 iPlay Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

iCare Programme

Inculcating values like love and care towards community and environment is what makes GIIS a renowned global Montessori school in Noida. The award-winning GMP program teaches more than academic excellence, like the universal values of kindness and compassion. Our teachers nurture students in a positive environment that encourages student’s involvement in activities with fellow students developing their best character traits.

 iCare Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

Future Ready Programme

The Montessori curriculum in GIIS is well-structured to incorporate the NextGen learning and 21st Century Learning methodologies. Students are exposed to the profound future technologies in education like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) with a dynamic hands-on approach and practical experiments. Through team collaboration, students can build supreme creative abilities and critical thinking skills.

 Future Ready Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

“Dear Parents, During this Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Students have exceptionally outperformed in 2021 CBSE Results with an average 95.40% as highest score alongside a 100% pass rate. On account of the same, we are extending our gratitude to new parents who’d like to be part of our growth journey “ - Principal


*In form of scholarships and admission fees to all deserving students across merit and based on family income.

Why choose GMP?

While searching for the best Montessori school, GIIS would be one of the top searched schools in Noida. The well-designed curriculum is integrated with traditional and contemporary methodologies customized as per the original Montessori education. The GMP Plus program magnificently demonstrates the high quality of education offered by the school that is further intensified with innovative teaching methodologies. 

GIIS Noida GMP - The Plus Program

"The Plus Program"?

GMP - GIIS Noida

The award-winning GMP Plus program is in line with the international education standards providing a strong platform for students to explore their capabilities and interests. The excellent pedagogy offers a holistic approach that builds the confidence of students and helps them face the new-age challenges.

Meet our faculty

Our Teachers

Qualified teachers at our Montessori school in Noida are well versed with the Montessori curriculum and are trained to prepare the students to become lifelong learners through the excellent pedagogy integrated with modern and innovative technologies. Our teachers are excellent childcare facilitators who foster students in a productive and supportive environment where the love for learning is inculcated and is full of experiences.

9 Gems

The exemplary Montessori curriculum integrated with the 9 GEMS holistic framework emphasizing the development of personality, character, values, academics of a student making GIIS one of the best Montessori international schools in Noida. This pedagogy phenomenally provides all-round development of the students sculpting their entrepreneurial, leadership, and creative skills.

Extra Curricular Activity

Every child needs to be given the confidence that they have a unique quality that will be moulded magnificently. To identify and ignite their skill, right from nursery years, GIIS provides a host of extra-curricular activities that exposes emerging abilities of students. With these activities, students develop their immaculate social skills, critical thinking, and the importance of teamwork and healthy competition.

Co Curricular Activity

GIIS, encourages students to hone their inherent talent and explore new possibilities with superlative co-curricular activities and skill-based learning programmes. As example , We offer the best clubs for students to become confident future speakers and build social integration.

Seamless Transition to Primary School

Our exceptional GMP programme that offers the 5 strong pillars helps in the preparation of students to take up the next level of learning with ease. Students are given guidance and training by our expert faculty to cope with primary school education. A safe, engaging, and enthusiastic environment is offered to students to develop their motor skills, coordination, and language skills. Students can confidently go a step ahead to the Montessori primary school.

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Why GIIS is the best Montessori school for your child

Safety & Security

The excellent safety and security measures offered by GIIS are a combination of traditional and modern measures. Students are safeguarded to the best and taken utmost care with measures like 24/7 guardhouse, CCTV cameras, and more.

Parent Engagement

Parents are highly involved in the events and activities of this prodigious institution. Outstanding facilities like Parent-Teacher Meetings, One-on-One Sessions, Orientation programmes, Meet-and-Greet sessions help in identifying the potential of the students and contribute to their progress.

Technology in GIIS

Considered one of the pioneer schools, GIIS aims at providing academic excellence and extraordinary facilities. The entire campus is well-equipped with the latest technologies that help students to access learning and classes anywhere and everywhere. Students are prepared to their best of their abilities to face the future world.

Montessori School Fees Structure
Registration Fee
Payment Frequency
One Time, Non Refundable
Rs 500
Admission Fee
Payment Frequency
One Time, Non Refundable
Rs 67,500
Security Deposit
Payment Frequency
One Time, Refundable
(new students only)
Rs 11,980
Composite Fee
Payment Frequency
*3 Months

Rs 30,910
Annual Charges
Payment Frequency
Per Year
(Composite Annual Fee)
Rs 17,900
15% discount for all siblings.  |  Re Registration Fees (Only for Continuing Students) - AED 950 (Adjustable)
Total Annual Recurring Fees:
Rs. 1,23,640

Subjects Offered

EVA (Environmental Awareness)
Dance and Music
Free play and structured play
Additional subject

What's it like to be part of GIIS family

Testimonial Image
I love the way GIIS provides students with platforms to compete, perform and excel. The school is doing a wonderful job in giving students the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions - whether it is sports, extracurricular or co-curricular activities. My daughter is being groomed towards perfection with each passing day. I want to thank the Noida team for their exemplary work.

Mr. Amit Kaushal

Father of Gauri Kaushal, Grade 11B
Testimonial Image
My daughter has been studying in GIIS, Noida Campus since 2017 and as a parent I am very happy with the continued efforts and innovative approach of the school towards an overall development in students. Through their collaborative and project-based approach to learning, young minds like my daughter’s are learning in a playful and fun way. She has become a great communicator and critical thinker. I think this will provide her with unlimited growth opportunities in future.

Sweta Kesarwani

‍Parent of Aasheeta Kesarwani 2-B
Testimonial Image
GIIS has a very good framework under their Global Montessori Plus programme, where children get the opportunity to explore their own learning at their own pace. It has given my child a nurturing environment as well as polish her natural skills. I am happy that she has developed a sense of ownership and better self-confidence through ECAs.

Sneha Som

‍Mother of Aavya Singh KG A
Testimonial Image
Virtual classes are helping us to get 360-degree feedback on my child's performance and the curriculum. I appreciate the hard work and effort being put in by the teachers during this stressful time and making all possible efforts to let the academic curriculum run as normal. The content of the everyday class is well thought off and designed in a manner that is easily understandable by the kids.

Dr. Spriha Singh

Mother of Akarsh Kumar

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