Top 10 Reasons to Complete Your Schooling from the Global Indian International School In Noida

Bhawna Bhatia
Dec 3, 2020
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How would you want your campus experience to be? Would you like to study in a diverse environment and get to interact with students from all over the world? Are you the kind of person fascinated by different people, cultures, and ways of life? If you are that kind of person, you should choose to complete your schooling at Global international school Noida.

GIIS is located 14 kilometres from sector-52 metro station in the city of Noida. It prides itself on delivering high-quality CBSE education. The GIIS Noida has adopted the ideology "schools that learn," making every member an equal partner in the learning process. It empowers its students to take an active role in their education progress and promotes a culture of reinforcing lifelong learning.

Here are some of the great reasons you should enrol yourself in the school:

1. High-quality education

The main goal or objective of the Noida School is to provide its learners with quality education. As it is an international school, it offers an education applicable in any part of the world. Learners gain quality knowledge and information, which broadens their intellectual capacity. Through individualized learning, each learner has an equal opportunity to grow their intellectual ability as teachers offer assistance to the weak students. So, if you are looking for quality universal education, then the GIIS Noida is your best option.

2. Qualified teachers

GIIS Noida hires highly qualified and experienced teachers from all over the world. To offer a proper education globally, the Indian school only trusts its learners with the most professional and competent teachers worldwide. The teachers have a comprehensive range of knowledge and information that they pass down to the learners. With various teaching methods that best suit learners, the teachers offer guidance that improves even those who aren't academically gifted. With the highest degree of professionalism, teachers in the GIIS Noida can handle different nationalities with different cultures, races, colours, religions, and beliefs. For interaction with world-class teachers, enrol yourself in GIIS Noida.

3. Diverse environment

GIIS Noida admits learners from all over the world, which means that the school has learners of a different race, colour, religion, and culture, to mention a few. So, for the opportunity to expose yourself to a diverse environment that helps to enrich your learning experience, enrol in GIIS Noida. Other benefits of studying in a diverse environment include;

● Learning about different people's cultures

● Boosts a learner's intellectual maturity

● Instils empathy for different people and their different ways of life

● Helps a learner gain knowledge of other languages

● Increases the chances of landing a job in any part of the world in the future

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4. Holistic development

GIIS Noida seeks to provide learning that helps develop physical, emotional, and psychological growth mindset for students. Through the incorporation of out of class activities, schools seek to;

● Boost learner's self-esteem and confidence

● Exploit a learner's creativity

● Instil the ability to make sound decisions

● Instil virtues such as patience and determination in a child

● Equip learners with critical thinking ability

● Boost the physical fitness of a learner through exercise, fun activities, and games.

Enrolling in GIIS Noida allows you to grow into an all-rounded adult.

5. Technology 

GIIS Noida has equipped itself with the latest technology to ensure that its learners are up to date. For instance, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to altering the education activities, GIIS Noida, through technology, organizes Virtual Classes for its learners. As there is no in-site school attendance, GIIS Noida learners continue with their regular classes from home. Therefore, there has been no change in the school calendar.

6. Facilities 

GIIS Noida has equipped itself with adequate facilities that ensure the smooth learning of its learners. From well-equipped libraries with up to date books to dated laboratories for practical experiments and good playgrounds. Say, for instance, you are a talented footballer, then GIIS Noida has a vast playground that allows you to exercise and nurture your inborn gift.

7. Affordability

Finding a quality education is expensive. It is a challenge to find a school that meets your expectations that is within your budget. However, the Global Indian International School in Noida offers affordable education for its learners. You should, therefore, start your admission process as soon as possible.

8. Broader career choice opportunity

GIIS Noida offers a universal education in a diverse environment. Due to this, its learners can gain a competitive advantage in career choices and job placements. In GIIS Noida, a learner interacts with learners from across the globe, which allows them to learn about different ways of life and maybe even other languages. Therefore, the learner can work in any part of the world. Unlike if the learner studied in a regular school. Studying in GIIS Noida gives a learner a better opportunity of landing a job in the future.

9. Learners social development

Due to the exposure to a diverse environment in GIIS Noida, the learner develops qualities that enable them to live peacefully. As a learner, you develop social skills such as;

● Communication. A Learner develops the ability to express themselves fearlessly and respectfully. Through interactions, a learner can freely share ideas and information, which helps them grow into adults who stand up for what they believe.

● Problem-solving skills. When people live together, disagreements and disputes are inevitable. It is, therefore, essential that they come up with peaceful ways of solving conflicts. GIIS Noida equips its learners with friendly ways of approaching and solving disputes. The ability to solve conflicts when they arise is a lifelong lesson that helps people live in harmony.

● Team playing. To achieve a common goal, people need to work together as a team. GIIS Noida equips a learner with the knowledge of the importance of playing their role in a team to achieve a common educational goal. The ability to be a good team player goes a long way. For instance, they will need to be good team players for the organization's success when employed.

● Empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person's feelings and emotions. For instance, in GIIS Noida, there may be learners with a disability. Therefore, a learner must be sensitive about the physically challenged student and learn how to treat them with respect and without discrimination. Empathy stresses the ability to wear another person's shoes.

10. Convenient location 

Convenience and safety are a priority in choosing a school to enrol in. you want to be in a school that you do not have to look over your shoulder. Also, you want a school that you can easily access. GIIS Noida is at the heart of Noida city, which makes it easy to access. Your safety is assured with a 24-hour security team and quality fences, and strict school visitation rules and regulations.

GIIS Noida offers quality education through competent teachers in a diverse environment for the holistic and social development of a learner at an affordable rate and in a convenient location. Therefore, you should enrol in the school to complete your studies and start the admission process immediately.

Bhawna Bhatia

I am Bhawna Bhatia and I am a passionate and hardworking  teacher.Having an experience of 16 years, I believe in teaching from my heart and being a leader to my students. I want to show them that teaching them brings me joy and happiness to my role. Being able to be the leader they look up to, who believes in their educational journey.  I believe that each student brings different experiences and strengths to the classroom. My hope is that I can support and appropriately challenge students to help them reach their full potential.

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