Montessori school curriculum at GIIS Noida

Sweta Bhatia
Dec 29, 2020
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The Montessori curriculum gets its inspiration from the famous Montessori Method of teaching. It is a teaching style that allows students to learn through self-directed activities. The materials used in the learning process are self-correcting, in that they give immediate feedback on the performance of the students.

The Montessori approach uses a classroom set up where students get enough space to move around freely and engage in activities that motivates them. 

At GIIS Noida, students are taught using the global Montessori Plus programme. Our Montessori school for preschoolers utilizes the methodology to provide holistic learning to students. The programme integrates the traditional aspects of learning with modern styles that offer unique learning opportunities for children to grow and develop.

The Pillars of Montessori Curriculum

At GIIS Noida, the Montessori approach to teaching lies on the five strong pillars, namely:

1. ‘Excelerate’ programme

This programme focuses on speeding up the foundational literacy skills of students while ensuring excellence. It uses an individualistic approach to teaching. This has led to students becoming fast and keen learners.

Since the programme strives to help students gain fluency in languages, it incorporates activities such as reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. It further allows students to develop numeracy skills through the use of fun activities and games in math.

2. Multi-faceted learning

The Montessori programme believes that every child is unique. With this in mind, the curriculum uses interactive activities to develop the intellectual abilities of learners while honing their personalities. This holistic approach to learning enables students to grow in all aspects of their lives.

3. iPlay programme

Preschoolers thrive through play, through which they get a chance to grow socially, emotionally, and physically. The Montessori methodology at GIIS Noida values this aspect. The school has created a suitable environment where students interact while learning. It gives them the freedom to choose the type of play they want, whom to play with, and how to play.

The teachers ensure maximum supervision during such games. In the process, learners acquire information which instils in them the skills of management, cooperation and self-dependency.

4. iCare programme

One significant aspect of the Montessori programme is to increase student awareness about the environment and the community. It designs activities such as charity drives and gardening. Students get to learn general values of giving, respect, kindness, and compassion.

As children participate in various community events and interact with other people, they appreciate the importance of punctuality, honesty, and integrity. This provides a strong foundation for character development for the future.

5. The Future Ready programme

This programme allows learners to study the critical aspects of the 21st century as early as possible. It uses a hands-on methodology to help students learn Mathematics, Technology, Science, Arts, and Engineering. This inspires creativity and critical thinking among students.

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Subjects offered

The Montessori programme offers a wide variety of subjects. Students have the opportunity to learn English and Hindi languages. The school also teaches Mathematics, environmental awareness, dance and music. STEAM, that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are vital subjects also taught in the curriculum. Students also get to learn structured and free play.

Age criteria

There is an appropriate age for students to enrol in a Montessori school at GIIS Noida school. For pre-nursery, the preferred age is 2.5 years and above.

For junior KG/K1, eligible students should be 3.5 years and above while for senior KG/K2, they should be 4.5 years and above.

The “Plus” in the Global Montessori Programme

The ‘Plus’ in the Global Montessori Plus Programme reflects the assimilation of the traditional theory of education with the current insights and research. It gives a combination of formal learning with modern technological learning tools. This approach to education offers a one of a lifetime opportunity for students to grow and develop well.

For a child to develop healthily, you must consider two factors: quality education and an active learning environment. The Montessori program integrates these two aspects into a single rigorous programme that facilitates an all-rounded education.

Benefits of the Montessori curriculum

The early learning years of a child plays a huge role in determining their future academic prowess. Since the Montessori curriculum is introduced to children at a young age, the hands-on learning experience presents many benefits to students in their future academics. Some of the benefits that this kind of programme accrues to a child include:

● The curriculum equips students with necessary skills, which helps them to transition easily into Grade 1. Students can grasp and comprehend concepts at a faster rate while still young. Learners are groomed to overcome new challenges as they advance in their academics.

● Through the programme, the young learners can develop basic skills such as reading, numeracy and writing skills, which ensures that the elementary and primary curriculum does not overwhelm them.

● The approach provides a stimulating learning environment that inspires creativity. Students can develop a positive self-image through this environment. Students choose the activities they enjoy and engage in them at their own pace. This helps them to concentrate on the process rather than the end result. This creates a natural road to creativity. 

● The warm and safe environment that is a common feature of the Montessori style gives children a sense of security, love, and respect.

● The methodology supports uninterrupted learning sessions. Children can focus and concentrate well on their work. This encourages calmness, self-discipline and a high sense of self-control among the students.

● Students who go through such programmes can perform better in their academics, exhibit good social skills and show a high level of emotional maturity. All these are ingredients for successful learning.

● It offers a child-centred approach to learning. Focus is on the specific abilities and needs of students. This allows them to learn at their terms and pace.

The Montessori curriculum is suitable for all students, whether gifted or average. The program does not focus on grading systems but skill and character development of a child. The freedom and flexibility that come with such learning environments inspire children to love learning. 

GIIS Noida uses the Montessori methodology to facilitate learning for preschoolers. The institution aims at producing well-prepared and skilled students who can transition to formal schooling with ease. 

Sweta Bhatia

I Sweta Bhatia have 17 years of teaching experience of working with  Pre –primary grade students and I have been working in GIIS, Noida for past 3 and a half years . I have been awarded the Exceptional teacher Award 2021-2022,GIIS Star Teacher Award 2020-21 and also been elected the Employee of the month 2019 for my sincerity, dedication and passion towards my profession it has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot under the guidance of my great mentors. My task, as an instructor, is to create an atmosphere that fosters learning.  I am an instructor because I have a passion for guiding my students through the learning process. In addition to the passion for the subject material I present, I tend to encourage learning by creating a relaxed environment for students.
Vision as a teacher-
My vision is simple. I want what’s best for my students. I want to provide an environment in which they can feel comfortable while they learn. They need to understand that it is through mistakes and gentle correction that they learn. I want the students to genuinely enjoy classes so that they come to class with a smile on their faces.

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