Why is GIIS the Best CBSE School in Noida?

GIIS Curator
Jul 30, 2021

About education in Noida

Noida, also known as New Okhla Industrial Development Area is coexisting with the national capital of India and is imparting the best education pedagogy to the students. Noida is developing at a high pace not only in terms of infrastructure but also education and other facilities. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, schools in Noida are coping well with the need for changing methods of education. 


What is CBSE?

Still confused about "What is CBSE" then here's an easy definition - CBSE is a national-level board that is spread across all over the country. The CBSE board is internationally accepted and students get a chance to get admission to the topmost universities of the world. Students aspiring to be doctors and engineers need to crack national-level exams which is possible with the help of the CBSE curriculum.


Which is the Best CBSE School in Noida?

One of the most crucial steps in your child's future is choosing the right school for your child. You must be wondering about many schools that are affiliated with CBSE but not sure which school you should be choosing among these schools. So, let's take a look at the best school in Noida.

The global Indian international school is the No.1 ranked school in the Innovator category of Times School survey, 2020. The school aims to assist the children to discover their talents. The school focuses on the holistic growth of a child in all the aspects – intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, ethical, and aesthetics. Before looking at the features of GIIS- the best CBSE school, let's look at the history of GIIS.


History of GIIS

An award-winning global school was established in the year 2002 by the renowned Global school foundation. The school has received a lot of accolades and international awards. GIIS was first opened in Singapore and then gradually it spread across the nation and world.


Features of GIIS that makes it the Best School in Noida

Holistic education framework

The 9 GEMS(TM) HOLISTIC FRAMEWORK is a dynamic education system of GIIS that provides all-round growth of the students because one-directional growth is no longer preferred for students, rather a multidirectional growth is advocated. The 9 Gems are-

1. Academic excellence - The GIIS school emphasizes the curriculum that imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge. GIIS uses project-based learning that makes the child more curious and excited for the learning phase.

2. Sports excellence - Sports play a major role in the growth of an individual. The sports help the students to gain qualities such as leadership, team spirit, mental toughness, physical strength, collaborative nature, and character.

3. Visual and performing arts - The school provides a global platform for the students to excel in extracurricular activities.

4. Personality Development - Personality development is one of the important criteria that are essential for creating an impact on the students. Development of mindset and personality is gaining importance in today's time because apart from routine education, gaining skills such as emotional intelligence (EQ), confidence, etc are making a major change in the overall system of imparting education.

5. Innovation and creativity - The child's creativity is inbuilt. We just need to enable the students to explore and discover those things. Theoretical knowledge is important but the application part is very significant. So, the skills to apply the knowledge are critical because that only leads to discoveries and inventions.

6. Entrepreneurship and leadership - The school promotes the qualities of leadership and entrepreneurship that enable the students to be future leaders and entrepreneurs. The art of hiring people by being the leader or CEO of a company instead of being hired is gaining limelight. GIIS teaches the ways and skills to be the leaders of the new generation.

7. Universal values and ethics - The school runs on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Students must be taught about spirituality and righteousness because it is the ethics that ultimately decides the character of an individual.

8. Community and care - The country grows when its people grow. At GIIS students are taught about maintaining social well-being and skills of community care. Various events such as charity drives, environment initiatives, plantation of trees, and conservation of resources.

9. Skill Development - In today's world skill development is more important than rotten theoretical knowledge. Earlier students were forced to mug up things but now the children are provided the free space to grow. 

Extracurricular activities

Participation in extracurricular activities is very significant and the best part is parents are getting aware of this fact so they along with the teachers are promoting students to take parts in activities such as sports (basketball, cricket, volleyball), music (classical and contemporary), Dance (contemporary, classical, jazz, hip hop, etc). There are various dedicated clubs for individual activity such as IT club, Dharohar club, Art of storytelling for students of class 1 and 2 etc.

The children have inbuilt skills in them that are needed to be explored by the teachers and parents. At GIIS, teachers not only help the students to discover their talents but also enable the students to pursue other activities as well. 

This makes the students capable of handling unknown circumstances. They won't be scared anymore when exposed to the learning zone. The whole agenda is to prevent the students from being in a panic state when exposed to challenges


Facilities at GIIS Noida

The tech-savvy classroom is equipped with world-class technologies. Kiddies' pool, Art and craft lab, library, IT lab, Maths lab, Audio-visual rooms, football ground, indoor sports, amphitheatre, Badminton court, basketball court are some of the facilities that are available at GIIS Noida.

Safety and Security - The school should be such that it focuses on the security of the children so that the parents can be stress-free. During this covid pandemic, extra measures are taken for the safety and health of the students.


Though a lot of things about GIIS have been discussed, GIIS is a school whose qualities cannot be quantified. The qualities mentioned above are not only noteworthy but also, they are at an extreme level that brings GIIS, Noida as the centre of focus for the students and their parents. Therefore, without any doubt, GIIS is the best CBSE school in Noida.

GIIS Curator

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