A Complete Guide to Pre-Primary International Schools in Noida

Anita Tripathy
Sep 22, 2021

International schools help children become global citizens by educating them about different cultures, helping them learn new languages and making them aware of the community and the environment we live in. 

These skills are also considered key developmental skills that will provide a competitive edge in terms of a student who would have attained a wholesome development.

International schools also have rigorous curriculums which include not only traditional subjects but also modern ones. This combination offers students a holistic education that cannot be found in other schools.

Noida has been a metropolitan city for the past couple of decades but now it is considered to be one of the most important industrial hubs in India. It is an affluent city with a population of 70 lakhs and a growth rate in excess of 10%.

With Noida's population growing exponentially, more and more people are realizing that there is an urgent need for pre-primary international schools in Noida that provide schooling for children aged 3-6 years.

What Makes a Good Pre-primary International School in Noida?

Learning in a pre-primary international school in Noida is an important part of a child’s development. It is where they learn about the world around them and gain basic knowledge to support their learning as they grow.

A Pre-Primary School Should Have:

1. A good teaching environment: Learning should be fun and engaging for the children, so it is important to have an open space that is bright, colourful and safe.

2. Learning through play: Children who are allowed to explore their environment through play are more imaginative, creative and confident learners than those who are not given this opportunity.

3. Appropriate technology for younger children: Older kids may need their own devices but many schools will also provide iPads or laptops for use by younger children, so that they can experiment with the technology before they are old enough to have one of their own. But if parents are sending their little children to international schools that provide gadgets to children, they need to know that the play school fee structure will also be high.

Top Reasons Why Pre-Primary International Schools in Noida Are Important

Pre-primary schools play an important role in the development of children. They provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow with other children their age. With the right guidance, these children can build a strong foundation for their future. 

Here are a few reasons why parents should send their children to pre-primary international schools in Noida:-

● Pre-primary schools provide a safe environment.

● They are not too overwhelming for young children.

● The teachers are specially trained to teach young children.

● Children get to learn through play.

● At this stage, they are more receptive to change and new experiences.

● This is the perfect time for parents to take an active role in their child's education.

● Young minds need as much mental stimulation as they can get.

Factors Like Play School Fee Structure, Location and Facilities While Choosing a School

It is imperative to find the best playschool in order to shape children's lives. These schools provide a great environment for children to develop their skills, get quality education, and have fun.

While working parents cannot be with their child at all times, they can rest assured that their children are being looked after in a good playschool. So, the choice of a school becomes important as it would shape a child's future.

Here Are Few Factors That Parents Should Consider When Selecting a Play School:-

1. Location of the school

Parents of school going kids are always concerned about the location of the preschool. The location plays an important role in the type of education a child will get. 

It also decides how easily they can commute to their school from home. Children should spend the least amount of time travelling and the extra time saved should be utilised in helping them pick up their hobbies or other interests while at home.

2. Play school fee structure

Play school fee structure is one of the first factors parents consider when looking for a new play school for their child. A good play school should have a well-planned fee structure which caters to the needs of both low- and high-income families. 

Play schools charge fees on an hourly basis, monthly, annually or in credits. Fees can also be calculated on a per day basis or per term basis.

3. Infrastructure and Facilities in the school

When it comes to choosing a play school for their child, parents look for facilities that are safe, clean and comfortable. There are so many things that parents have to consider before making the decision. 

The quality of infrastructure and care is one of the most important deciding factors for parents.

Parents are always looking for the best facilities when they enroll their children in a play school. Parents want to make sure that the environment is safe for children and that they are engaging in activities that stimulate their minds. 

Facilities such as playgrounds, indoor and outdoor play areas, and art rooms are important for children.

4. Curriculum at preschools

The curriculum at pre-primary international schools in Noida is significantly different from what we find in the primary and secondary curriculums. 

The pre-primary curriculum covers the foundation of education that every child needs to be successful in life and is designed to help children develop foundational literacy and numeracy skills so they can be ready for school.

Different international schools in Noida have different curriculums in their pre primary section. Some schools follow the IB (PYP) curriculum, while others follow the Montessori curriculum. While there are those that follow a blend of different curriculums. 

Every curriculum lays emphasis on developing skills for academic learning and social interaction. Young children are introduced to language, arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music and movement education through a variety of activities that promote literacy.

5. Educators in the school

All children deserve to start their life with an educator who is sensitive and nurturing. An educator should be a guide, not someone who just provides instructions.

Teaching is a very responsible and difficult job. Educators are one of the most important people in a students’ lives and they need to take care of the students' feelings, and always make them feel comfortable and keep them in high spirits.

Educators also  play an important role in children’s lives as they are the first ones to interact with them and shape their personality. 

When choosing a play school, parents also take demo sessions for their children to evaluate whether the educator is sensitive, lively, empathetic and whether she has the right skills to teach children.


Many parents send their children to pre-primary international schools in Noida because they provide better academic opportunities and facilities for the child's development. 

Most of these schools are known for providing a safe and nurturing environment for the child's social and intellectual growth. 

But most importantly parents send their kids to these schools with an aspiration that they will get access to more opportunities in life than what they have themselves been able to experience.

Anita Tripathy

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